Success, safety and data quality in any seismic explosive operation depends to a large extent on the proper choice of seismic explosive. Seismic explosives produced by VEL are the result of many years experience and intense research work. They offer maximum efficiency combined with exceptionally high quality and the maximum degree of safety.
VEL produces two types of seismic explosives to cover all necessary applications.
A wide range of ridgid plastic cartridges with threaded connector ends are available to suit your demands. VEL's seismic explosives can be used under high hydrostatic pressure and for such special requirements as blasting without confinement.
       Water resistance
       Dia x Length(mm)
-      1.2 gm / ml
-      4500 m / sec
-      Excelent
-      50 mm, 63 mm, 83 mm.
-      0.5 kg & 2.5 kgs
-      Geophysical prospecting & under water scarling
Available in Emulsion and Slurry Types.