Safety Fuse is one of the accessories used for blasting explosives in conjunction with an ordinary detonator; it may be defined as a device, which conveys flame at a control, predetermined burning speed to ignite the explosives charge in detonator.
In the view of a enormous risk involved in carrying out blasting operation in open cast coal mines, quarries or in demolishing jobs, two types of firing devices are used, to ensure safety of the personnel handling the operation, blasting is done with either electrically ignited detonator by remote control operation or with detonator ignited by a flame carried by a safety fuse cord at regulated speed without any lateral propogation of sparks or flame.
Saftey fuse essentially consists of a core of bright hard well granulated gunpower grains, free from dust & grit, adequately enveloped by cotton & jute textiles yarns and intermediate water proofing material. The water proofing material are designed in such a way that it would not contribute for any undue sparks emitting from the external surface and also would not cause any lateral ignition.
Name Construction Colour Diameter
in mm
Burning speed Sec/mts Packing Best Before Suggested for use in
Glue Sump Fuse Gun Powder Core in Jute, Bitumen shall be in uniform thickness Blue 4.8 ± 0.3 100 - 120 150 Nos
10 Mts Coil
1500 mt / Case
2 Years from date of Mfg Normal Dry Conditions
Glue Plastic Fuse Gun Powder Core wraped in two Jute layers with Bitumen & Polythene Coating Blue 4.8 - 5.2 110 ± 10 10mts Coil
1500 mt / Case
2 Years from date of Mfg Very Wet and damp Conditions
Alisa Saftey Fuse Gun Powder Core in Jute, Bitumen with antistatic, Poly Coating,
with uniform thickness free from visible flaws
Yellow 5 ± 0.2 120 - 145 170 mts
per reel / case
2 Years from date of Mfg For Export and 24 hours under Water Condition
       Cord Load
       Cap Sensitive
       Lateral Transmission of flame
-      4.2 gms / Meters ± 10%
-      25 mm.
-      absent
-      Safety fuse should in dry place protected from excessive heat or extreme cold
        and should not be exposed to oil or other solvents.