Vetrivel Mining Service provides the best mining services in India . The Blasting Consultancy of the Company excel in providing solutions for tackling problems in the field of construction and infrastructure industry. All types of Blasting Contracts dealt by VEL, are executed with utmost care resulting in exemplary performance.
Technically highly qualified and experienced drilling foreman and Blasting foreman are employed at the site for the execution of the Mining Process. This ensures timely completion and effective resource management. The well trained Drillers and Blasters adds to the performace of the Mining process. The Product Evaluation team has succeeded in ensuring optimum utilisation of the resources.
Sequential Blasting
Since small primary blasts have a tendency to slow production in the surface mining industry,there has been a demand for some type of technique that would enable the blaster in the field to increase his shots to a more desirable size,while staying within the scaled distance limits.
The most current advancement in electrical blasting is Sequential Blasting Machine. As opposed to more conventional type Capacitor Discharge Machine,the sequential Machine will deliver electronically timed bursts of energy to number of conductors, or lead wires. By making careful selection of delay periods, the amount of explosive pounds per delay detonating may be increased to a significant degree.
Air Blasting
Air Blast is a Compression wave that travels through the Atmosphere in a manner similar to the way a P-Type body wave that travels through the earth. Air Blast may be produced by one or more of two diffrent mechanisms. The first is from the energy released directly to the atmosphere by the detonation of an UnConfined explosive such as exposed detonating Cord. The second occurs when the high pressure, gaseous by-product from a Confined detonation are released into the atmosphere . This can be caused by a mud seam, Inadequate stemming or not sufficient burden.
It has been found that in as much as windows are probably the weakest part of a structure that will be exposed to air blast, they usually suffer more damage. Extremely high over-pressures could cause the formation of exterior masonry cracks or interior plaster and wall board cracks.
Attention must be given to both the structural damage and annoyance aspects of Air Blast. Structural Damage because of obvious reasons and annoyance because some environmental protection agencies are treating it as a form of pollution and because it can mistakenly lead to vibrations complaints and legal actions.