The maximum percentage of all explosives consumed is delivered in bulk form. At large scale mines and quarries, specially designed trucks combine the ingredients and pump or auger them into the borehole.
VEL supplies a full range of high-energy bulk explosives for every mining application. The bulk explosive trucks are capable of delivering any formulation from pure emulsion explosives, doped emulsion. These trucks are able to supply you with a custom explosive blend that has the energy characteristics and performance you need.
Special enhanced energy formulations are also supplied for difficult blasting conditions. These are formulated to individual customer needs.
The non-explosive emulsion is transported to the mine in standard chemical tankers, stored in silos or tanks at the shaft head and underground and is sensitized and pumped into the blast holes using a specialized delivery unit.
The density of SUN COL BE, SUN GEL BE can be changed on site to increase or decrease the relative bulk strength. The VOD varies between 4500 m/s and 5400 m/s and depends on hole diameter and charged density.
  • Hard rock open cast and underground blasting
  • Ring blasting and bulk blasting in open cast and underground
  • Shaft sinking
  • Tunnelling in hard rock
Advantages over conventional explosives
  • Safe storage and handling – SUN COL BE, SUN GEL BE is non-explosive until sensitised just prior to charging
  • Cost effective because of savings in labour, storage and transportation
  • Cost effective because of improved fragmentation and face advance
  • Faster charging cycles
  • Resistant to water compared to ANFO
  • Density is controllable
  • Full coupling compared to cartridged explosives
SUN GEL BE is cap sensitive and can be initiated using an 8D strength detonator. It is advisable to use a Pentolite booster for efficient initiation.
Storage and Transportation
SUN GEL BE, SUN COL BE is classified as an oxidising agent and transportation, storage and handling must be in accordance with the appropriate as per PESO regulations.